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Mirror, a sensuous reflectionStarbucks Coffee House Oxford Ohio

Kris Allen Courtney - Original ArtistNational Blues Musician
Jim Jackson
American Artist 
Kris Allen Courtney

Present the 1st Annual 
Music & Arts Festival, Artist’s in the Corner, College Corner OH.

Sunday June 12th, 2011
12 Noon ~ 6 pm.New Jazz CD Release by John Bercaw, Jazz Master

Music CD Cover Design, Graphics, Album COver, Production, Producer

Immediate Release: June 12th, 2011


National Blues musician Jim Jackson and Bad Men on a Mission headlined the Art & Music Festival held in downtown College Corner that sits on the Ohio Indiana border.

As a community Art Show for local artists and eclectic craftsmen, American Artist Kris Courtney introduced his local home Art Gallery and served as master of ceremonies for the event.

With each of the 20 plus artists in attendance contributing, Oxford Community Arts Center resident artist Pam Howard received “Best of Show”. When asked, Courtney stated that he was grateful for the support and looks forward to another benevolent event next year.

Pam Howard

Local Starbucks (Oxford Ohio) again in 2011 offers wall space to display motif style paintings with flow and comfort to the Starbucks theme.


Thank you - Drink Up!

In Memoriam

Steve Perucca


11-26-1941 to 5-26-2008



Steve Perucca

Steve’s resume of accomplishments and awards is lengthy and his artist statement reads as follows: “The work is a statement of my identity; it is a by-product of my sensitivity of a certain time and space. In my work I deal with realities, these are of my own choice and are never one, or exist alone. Some qualities strove for are concept, vitality and variability of visual focus. My vision is not generalized by deals with my concepts and experiences. The work reflects these, but with the promise-always the promise. Making art is the justification for my being. For whom do I make it?  For those who approach it for a process of sensitivity and personal growth.”

The only thing left to say is:

“Thank You Steve – we will miss you!”

Personal Note:  Sometimes through this journey you will run across people who may strike you as different, perhaps even outside your circle of understanding.  I have grown to admire and challenge myself at times to understand such individuals.  My artistic efforts began a longtime ago but it was in the recent years that I began to understand the value, constraints and purpose of what Art is meant to become through the mentoring of Steve Perucca.  He was my mentor and friend, he changed my life.  His harsh words of instruction and guidance are a staple of my efforts.  I will always, without reservation, flip my paintings upside down to find the hidden story...